Indoor cycling classes

Strap in and get ready to ride!


The definition of fitness, endurance, and strength!  A one-of-a kind trademarked class utilizing the bike and free weights, this class takes members on and off the bike for the ultimate total-body workout in minimal time.  Take yourself to the next level.

  • Outdoor simulated cycling
  • Strength exercises
  • Core conditioning
  • Aerobic & anaerobic
  • Ultra high calorie burn
  • Low impact

Cycling Specific

Not all cycling classes are created equal and I can assure you that my classes are unlike any other you have experienced before.  Unlike many main stream trendy cycling classes, I will teach you how to really ride a bike by taking professional outdoor experiences and bringing them within the walls of the classroom.  Shred calories and see results.  This is the real deal!  Be my guest and ride with me weekly at Equinox, Boston.

  • Climbing & rolling hills
  • Interval training
  • Speed & sprints
  • Cadence drills

Resistance is your friend.

Personal training the way you want it.

In-Home / Office

Completely private one-on-one training focused on your specific needs.  This training option is best for those with very busy lives or simply prefer the comfort of their own home or office.  Very little equipment and space is needed to achieve results.

  • For all ages & abilities
  • Effective strength training
  • Weight loss results


Specialized performance & CrossCycle® programs to follow on your own.   Our six, eight, or twelve-week programs are tailored for total-body, core and endurance strength building.  They are perfect for both the novice and professional athlete and is developed to be completely compatible with your lifestyle.

  • Bike fitting & performance checks
  • Event & race preparations
  • Athletic performance


We like technology and all you need is a computer, TV, or tablet with video capability. We can virtually train you from anywhere in the world.  With today’s video chat capabilities, you are no longer limited to one space and can stream flawless sessions in real time. The perfect mobile solution for those of you on the go or not in the Boston area!

  • iChat or Skype
  • Limitless workout options
  • Discounted sessions

Group classes

Get the crew together.


Working out with friends is always more fun and can be motivating!  You supply the people and I will supply the formatting and instruction.  This is a more cost effective solution to personal training with the added benefit of sharing results with friends or coworkers.

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Zero equipment needed
  • Total body, strength, core conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Endurance training

Focused Groups

Stay in the game by utilizing more or less equipment.  You may be training for a big cycling ride or looking to focus on working out with a TRX.  I will provide the expertise and knowledge to keep you safe and take you where you want to be.

  • TRX & suspension training
  • Functional training
  • Instability training
  • Core specific training
  • Cycling specific training

Get outside. I dare you!

Private and small group guided trips.

Local Adventures

With over 20 years of experience in the New England outdoors, let me share my favorite spots with you!  Perfect for private and small-group trips, there are limitless options for hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking.  Your day will filled with adventure and you won’t have to worry about anything!

  • Custom cycling & hiking routes
  • Professionally guided tours
  • Locally sourced & prepared food

Go International

Want to plan an exciting vacation or pre-seasing training abroad? CrossCycle® has partnered with CycleVentoux of France to offer guided hiking, cycling, and ski touring adventures of a lifetime!  Lodging, food and guides are included in these unforgettable custom trips.

  • Custom touring of Italy/France
  • Road or mountain biking
  • Slow food movement


You are what you eat.

80% of what you put into your body affects how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside.  It’s the foundation of performance, growth, and recovery.  Whether you are looking to lose weight or win an Ironman, what you feed your body affects results and is the building block of any healthy lifestyle.  The majority of us eat far too much sugar for no reason and get too little sleep each night.  It’s time to take control of your body and start eating real food.  You will thank me later.

How it all began.

CrossCycle® Fitness was born.

Meet me, Chris Gagnon, the brain child behind CrossCycle® Fitness. Growing up in Maine as a competitive hockey player, I developed a love for fitness and the outdoors at a young age.  Creativeness and design were always passions of mine,  leading me to study graphic design at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Things changed throughout college as I got into cross country mountain bike racing despite growing up with severe exercise induced asthma.  I spent years with inhalers, medications, and allergy shots until I decided to help myself through means of diet and exercise.  Perhaps it was my battle with asthma which led me to competitive cycling, however it has been a long road since my first mountain bike race to present day successes.   With my asthma now kicked to the curb, I definitely credit mountain bike racing as the gateway to my fitness world and wouldn’t have it any other way.   I went on to co-create a successful grassroots mountain bike team (MTBMIND) with nearly 50 members, and still currently compete a professional endurance cyclist — completing over two dozen solo 24-hour mountain bike races, including 5 World Solo 24-hour Championships.   

Over the past 15 years, I quickly put my creative & entrepreneurial skills to work, starting an in-home personal training business around the Boston area — catering to anyone and anyone looking to move and explore a lifestyle of activity.   Having also taught cycling classes for over 10 years, I combined my training & coaching knowledge into the form of a group fitness class that combines strength training and outdoor cycling segments .  The end result was later pitched in 2009 as a group exercise class called CrossCycle® to the highly sought after Equinox Fitness Club on Franklin Street in Boston, MA.   Throw in a trademark and 8 years of growth, and you now have the  cycling class all of Boston is talking about.  I strive to  combine  many years of functional training knowledge with professional cycling experience to challenge clients both mentally and physically, teaching to music that motivates, and inspiring everyone to achieve greatness on and off the bike.